Accreditation overview for employers

Employers of workers engaged in the construction, operation or maintenance of the nbn™ network need to support workers to meet and maintain nbn accreditation requirements by:

  • Registering workers via enAble™ or helping workers to register via enAble™
  • Validating worker occupations and tasks to help to identify the relevant accreditation/s
  • Supporting workers to attain the relevant accreditation/s
How do my employees or subcontractors become accredited?

There are multiple pathways for workers to become accredited. Click here to learn more.

What are the benefits of nbn accreditation and enAble™?
  • Increased visibility and tracking of employee and subcontractor competencies
  • Greater clarity of competencies required to undertake nbn activities, leading to simplified evaluation of worker suitability
  • Additional support and continual learning for workers via access to free online materials
  • Increased efficiency of nbn audit process due to all information being accessed via the enAble™ card, leading to less time off the job