Privacy Policy

enAble™ - Privacy Collection Statement

1.  nbn co limited (nbn) collects personal information relating to you and your work on the nbn™ network as part of your ongoing registration on the enAble™ Portal.  By registering and keeping your registration on the enAble™ Portal, you consent to the information about you being collected and used by nbn as described below and in the nbn Privacy Policy. If you do not provide the information requested we may not be able to accredit you to work on the nbn™ network and issue you with an enAble™ card.  nbn may collect your personal information from our nbn Delivery Partners and Approved Training Providers.


2.  Personal information on you may include your nbn enable™ worker ID and card number, name, a delivery address for your nbn enable™ worker ID card, your contact details and your photo and/or your photo identification document. Personal Information on your work may include information about your occupation and/or the tasks you perform on the nbn™ access network, where you work on the nbn™ access network and your online training and accreditation.


3.  nbn handles your personal information to manage its business and activities associated with the nbn™ network and your work on the nbn™ network. This includes:

(a) to verify your identity, training and accreditation and for other activities relating to training and accreditation;

(b) to manage our relationship with our nbn™ approved Delivery Partners and nbn™ approved Training Providers;

(c) to conduct and commission market and other research;

(d) to contact you directly or via one of our third party service providers in relation to any matter outlined above;

(e) to send you your nbn enable™ worker ID card;

(f) to place your personal information on a searchable database accessible by nbn auditors, nbn contracted service providers, and your nominated Delivery Partner(s) or your nominated subcontractor(s) of an nbn™ approved Delivery Partner via enAble™; and

(g) for any of the purposes outlined in the nbn Privacy Policy.


4.  To do this, nbn may share your personal information with appropriate nbn™ approved Delivery Partners, nbn™ approved Training Providers, their subcontractors and related nbn service providers such as organisations who provide training required to work on the nbn™ access network.


5.  The nbn Privacy Policy contains information about how you can make a complaint about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles and how we will deal with such complaint. If you want to access, correct or update your personal information you can do so at any time by logging into your profile at Other requests to access and correct personal information can be made as described in the nbn Privacy Policy. The nbn Privacy Policy also contains further information about the personal information we collect, how we collect and handle it and where we send it (including to service providers outside Australia). You can contact nbn by emailing


6.  nbn may also ask you to complete surveys relevant to the management of nbn’s business and other purposes set out in this Privacy Collection Statement and the nbn Privacy Policy. Your participation in the surveys is optional.  nbn will not share individual survey responses with any third parties except to comply with laws, including assisting government agencies and law enforcement investigations.